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The Time Is Now


With over 70% of all Americans owning a smartphone or tablet, the demand for mobile applications is at an all time high. Townelink helps local governments tap in to this market by creating mobile and web applications that not only streamline solutions for civic issues, but   also provides resources that benefits towns, communities, and citizens alike.


How We Can Help

The purpose of a Townelink app is to bring everyone together through the convenience of a mobile device. 

Townelink is a one stop shop for everything that is important. No more complicated web sites or blogs. Updates, events, road closures, phone directories, and much more can be managed easily with Townelink.

Townelink also includes a simplified ticketing system! With a few clicks an issue, such as a pot hole, can be reported and assigned to various work groups. When an issue is resolved a push notification will be sent informing the user of its completion. All of this happens seamlessly thanks to our dedicated servers.

Robust tools are also provided for data and analytic reporting.


For Your Community

During a community's on boarding process Townelink will provide a database, user and admin applications, and a web portal that is fully customizable. With the web and mobile apps citizens can track, search, and report issues They can also stay up to date with the latest events and news around town. With the web portal and admin applications local governments can manage and assign issues, post road closures, create events, and share updates. Both parties can interact with each other with the ability to comment and discuss issues and updates directly from the application.

Key features


Facebook & Email Registration

iOS, Android, and Web Hosting

Issues, Updates, Road Closures, Events, and more.

Fully Customized For Your Community

Dedicated Support Team